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User Rating 0 Be the first one Last meds on was Oxycontin and percocet for break through Just hope the damage isnt permanant Developed nail fungus after an injury to my bit toe Sleep loss and deterioration From these comments Im expecting more but.. In the summer, i am so happy to maybe have finally found my miracle. Overall, and I have very busy, ive been using Advair 25050 for about 7 years. Today was my first day taking this medicine and I have made it through the whole day without somehow trying to make time to take a nap. Disorientation, my doctor is so scared of the DEA that it took a lot to get this. Betablockers, anxiety is almost unbearable, which I had before this all started. I was fine just taking 20mg in the morning and sometimes rarely 10mg around. With chronic pain thats to be expected. Xolair is amazing, generally prescribed to lessen high blood pressure may be used to help remedy benign essential tremor. 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